Get Directions using Siri and Maps

The Maps app initially received some pretty bad press but with each update becomes more and more useful and fully featured.

We’ve been testing out using Siri for directions, which covers driving, walking and using public transport – though the latter isn’t available in all areas.

We began by asking for directions in Central London between a couple of famous landmarks.

How do I get from The Tower of London to Tower Bridge?

The result was a very pretty looking map displayed in 3D (we already had our display preferences set in the Maps app).

This example is basic and over a short distance, so we attempted using the turn-by-turn driving directions from the Olympic Park in the east end of London, to Harrods in the west. We found the Siri/Maps combination to be perfect, no dropouts or baffling directions.

It’s definitely worth saving locations you’re likely to be using often as a ‘Favorite’. This allows you to easily call up destinations was asking for directions. Your favorites will also sync with other Apple devices using iCloud.

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2 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    I have the iPhone 6, have done all the appropriate ios updates. When using a bluetooth connection, I can ask Siri for directions, however, those directions do not play through the bluetooth connection. How can I rectify this? It is not always convenient/practical to have directions played over the phone speaker.

  2. Lucy says:

    I am able to get directions from Siri, can view the map but can not get audio for turn by turn. What am I doing wrong on IPhone 5?

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