Send a Text Message using Siri

Sending a text message is simple, quick and relatively accurate. It’s actually possible to have a conversation with someone via text message.

To send a message, say:

Send a message to Joe Bloggs

Siri will then reply:

Ok, I can send a message to Joe Bloggs for you…what would you like it to say?

You can then dictate your message to Siri (read our dictation guide for help).

Once the message is completed, Siri will ask you if you want to send it. To deliver the message say ‘Yes’. Alternatively to check the message content say:

Read it back to me

Siri will read the message back to you, then follow up with the message:

Your message to name says “message” would you like to Send, Cancel, Review or Change it?

Speak the option of your choice then send the message once you’re happy it’s ready to go.

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