Assigning Related Names to Contacts in Siri and macOS

After using Siri regularly for a while, it soon becomes second nature to use the virtual assistant to call or text a contact in your address book. 

You can ask Siri to assign relationships to your family, friends and even your boss. This means you can use more natural language to get in touch with contacts you have assigned a relationship to. For example:

Text my husband I'll be home in 30 minutes
Send an email to my boss

Assigning Relationships

The first thing you need to do is teach Siri who you husband, wife, best friend or boss are, before it can assign them to a contact.

  1. Open up Siri, by either pressing the home button, or saying 'Hey Siri'.
  2. Say what the relationship is, such as 'John Smith is my brother' - make sure you say the name exactly as it is in your contacts.
  3. When Siri asks you to confirm the name, say 'Yes' or press Yes button on the screen.

You may find you have relationships that conflict, such has having two brothers. In this case you can differentiate them by using a variation on the relationship, such as 'older brother' and 'younger brother'.

You can also add relationships the 'traditional' way by editing your contacts on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

  1. Go to your own contact card on your device.
  2. Tap on 'Add Related Name', which is about half way down the contact card

To remove a relationship, it needs to be deleted from the contact card.

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