Siri Shortcuts developer releases 150 shortcuts for free

The Shortcuts app in iOS 13.1 has seen some major improvements, but it’s still true that it can be a little tricky for us ‘normal folk’ to get to grips with how it operates.

So it’s unsurprising that a large number of users don’t move beyond downloading the shortcuts provided by Apple in the Shortcuts Gallery. This is a shame, as the true power behind Shortcuts lies in building custom actions to get the most out of an iOS device.

Step forward Matthew Cassinelli, an original developer of Workflow (the name of the app before it was purchased by Apple) who has released a huge collection of over 150 shortcuts read for you to download in CSV format.

He’s helpfully given each shortcut a description and explanation of how to use it.

According to his website, his mission is to “share my personal experiences of using Shortcuts in my daily life and to get my work done, explained in such a way that anyone can follow along and apply it to their life too”.

With Shortcuts now part of the default iOS 13.1 installation, millions of more users are going to be discovering the app, and looking for ways to use it.

As more third party app developers adopt the Siri Shortcuts APIs, any functionality built into an app can be an action in a shortcut.

It’s just the beginning, but Shortcuts has the potential to be an immensely useful addition to iOS.

You can download the shortcuts here.