Can you get Siri for Android Phones?

Virtual assistant technology has seen rapid growth over recent years, with several big players on the market. As well as Siri, you can choose from Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Plus its direct challenger Bixby, made for Samsung handsets.

The invisible helpers are embedded in many technological devices around us. Including our smartphones, TV’s and home automation units.

Siri is the most well-known assistant among Apple users. Its presence is felt throughout its product line, from the ubiquitous iPhone to the Apple TV and CarPlay.

People who don’t own a device from the Apple universe may wonder if they can get Siri for Android, or one of the other competitor smartphone makers?

The simple answer is no, it’s not currently possible to install Siri on Android or Windows devices.

Will Apple release Siri for Android?

It remains doubtful that Apple will allow Siri to run on anything other than Apple devices.

They’ve invested a great deal in the development of the system. From the AI technology and the infrastructure required to analyze and interpret speech, to translation. performing dictation, and serving up answers to the millions of requests made each day.

Siri alternatives

As already mentioned, Android does have its own version of Siri, though – called Google Assistant – which comes preinstalled on most Android smartphones.

For iPhone users, it’s also available for download from the iOS app store, so you can always give it a try and make direct comparisons with Siri.

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