The top 5 iPhone Cases by Type on Amazon in 2019

Many of us buy a new iPhone because of its sleek looks, only to put a case on it to keep it looking pristine and scratch-free.

So if you need a transparent case, robust military-grade durability, or a fidget spinner (!), the choice of iPhone cases available to buy is huge.

There really is an option out there to suit every taste.

Here, we’ve taken a look through Amazon reviews to see which cases come out on top according to buyer reviews in 2019. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Most popular slim case


ANDMO Super Thin iPhone Case

Compatible with: iPhone X, Xs (5.8") only

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Described as being 'ultra-slim & super light', this cover offers decent protection without sacrificing the aesthetics of your iPhone. It won't protect the screen though, so installing a separate screen protector is strongly recommended.

Buyers complement the case on being sturdy yet attractive, with a slimline build that adds very little bulk and a pleasing matte finish.

Most popular durable case

Durable Case

Otipacase iPhone Case

Compatible with: iPhone X, iPhone XS

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Built using a combination of rubber PC with TPU, with a raised edge around screen and camera lens for added protection.

The case is available in black, blue and red.

Users comment on how slim and aesthetic the case is, along with its durability. The kickstand for easy watching of movies and TV and web chatting is also a popular feature.

Most popular waterproof case

Waterproof Case

LKJ Upgraded Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

Compatible with:iPhone 4s up

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For those of you that like to take your phone on adventures. The LKJ claims to provide' 100% resistance from water, dust, dirt and snow – whether you are at the beach, running, underwater, kayaking, snorkelling, shower, swimming or enjoying wet rain.'

Impressive stuff, although does it protect against dry rain?

This isn't an iPhone case in the traditional sense. It's more of a protective pouch, although reviewers say they can use their phone while it is sealed inside.

Most popular case with kickstand

Case with kickstand

Nicexx iPhone Case Kickstand & Finger Ring | Built in Fidget Spinner

Compatible with: iPhone X, iPhone XS

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The most significant selling point of this case is its transparency, allowing your iPhone to still be seen in all its glory.

Intriguingly, it includes an 'anti-anxiety fidget spinner, the highest quality built-in spinner helps you relieve stress, and can also be used as a kickstand or finger ring'.

Reviewers comment on the case being durable, and how much they like the fidget spinner. The kickstand also comes in for praise for being sturdy.

Most popular eco-friendly iPhone case

Eco-friendly case

Pela: Biodegradable Phone Case

Compatible with: iPhone 6 up

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Pela market this case as 'the world's first compostable phone case', meaning once you have finished with the case, it can be put on the compost heap and will degrade naturally.

Reviewers love the idea of buying a biodegradable case. Although some think it is a little expensive, they agree it is comparable in toughness and quality to a regular silicone cover.

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