Siri for Alzheimer’s Patients

William Glover sent us in the following message that demonstrates the future potential of Siri and other voice-activated assistants.

I have been having an Alzheimer’s Patient experiment with using SIRI to text his family and friends. The gentleman can no longer read or write or dial a phone.

While there are some areas of difficulty, he is able to communicate with loved one’s in a manner that has been lost to him over the seven years since his diagnosis.

I looked at a number of other dictation apps prior to trying SIRI.

No one comes close to SIRI’s simple functionality.

Recently there has been an increase in media reports of people using voice assistants as pseudo-companions and the elderly using devices such as Siri and Alexa to help combat loneliness.

Existential ethics aside (should we be relying on electronic devices for interaction, rather than human beings), it indicates an intriguing future in store for artificial intelligence.

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