How to use Siri with the Calendar

Everything you need to know about using Siri with the calendar app to manage your diary on your iPhone and iPad and Mac.

As always, Siri can be activated by pressing the side button or saying ‘Hey Siri’.

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Checking your calendar

You may have seen the TV commercial where Siri is asked:

Hey Siri, what does my day look like?

Try it out, Siri will give you a summary of your day. You can also get a little more specific if you want to.

What’s in my calendar for the 11th January 2019?

Other variations could be ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘next Monday’, etc. Siri will display a list of your appointment(s) or tell you that you have nothing in your calendar.

Add calendar events using Siri

This feature is particularly useful if you are out of the office and need to quickly schedule a meeting or event into your calendar.

Hey Siri, schedule a meeting with Jane for Monday at 9 o’clock

Add Event

Siri will ask you to confirm your calendar entry – by voice or by tapping the confirm button – before adding it to your calendar, also informing you of conflicting calendar entries.

If you made a mistake or need to edit some of the details before confirmation, then you can say:

Hey Siri, change the title

Hey Siri, change the date

Siri will make the requested changes and ask you to confirm them.

Edit calendar events using Siri

If you need to change an existing appointment, Siri will understand quite informal language.

Hey Siri, move my 9am meeting tomorrow

Hey Siri, change my 9am appointment on Monday

Siri will then prompt you for a new time and date. Once you have instructed Siri of the new time and date, you will be asked to confirm the updated details. Say ‘Yes’ or tap the button on-screen to complete the changes.

You can also name specific events to edit:

Hey Siri, change my meeting with Jane on Monday to 10 o’clock

Edit Event

Delete a calendar event using Siri

If you need to cancel an existing event, just say something like:

Hey Siri, cancel my meeting with Jane on Monday

Delete Event

If you have multiple appointments, Siri will ask which one you want to cancel. You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation, say ‘Yes’, or tap the button on-screen to confirm.

4 thoughts on “How to use Siri with the Calendar”

  1. When changing an appointment or meeting time, can Siri email the attendees or receipents that there is a change? And, can Siri let me know when attendees have responded?

  2. How do I keep Siri from alerting me to use the phone after I view an event? My events are not typically phone call related!!

    I never had this problem on my 8.

  3. How can I get Siri to open my calendar to a particular day? I don’t what to hear the titles and start times of all my appointments that day. I want to see the day on my calendar. I might need to see when there are gaps in the day. I might need to send someone a screen shot.


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