How to use Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 introduced a useful new feature called Siri Shortcuts for iPhone’s and iPads. Its aim is to be used as a simple way to group a set of ‘actions’ and trigger them using custom voice commands.

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Siri Shortcuts currently works with the majority of inbuilt iOS apps, with hundreds of third-party app developers offering support.

Shortcuts can be as simple or complex as you like. Several actions can be configured to run in sequence. So you can ask Siri to check the traffic, tell you the weather forecast, plan the quickest drive home, then send a text message to say you’re on your way.

When you open the Shortcuts app, you also get access to the Shortcuts Gallery, which contains a selection of the best Siri Shortcuts to get you started. The Gallery is accessed by tapping the Gallery icon at the bottom of the window in the Shortcuts app.


Once open, the Gallery screen offers shortcut suggestions generated by your app usage, suggested Automations, and the growing library of pre-built actions, ready to use or customize.

As well as being a useful introduction to Shortcuts, the Gallery offers an opportunity to look at how Shortcuts are created.

How to trigger a Siri Shortcut

There are five ways to run a Shortcut.

Ask Siri

When you create a Shortcut, Siri automatically recognizes it by the name you give it. So if you call a Shortcut ‘take a photo’, to run it just say:

Hey Siri, take a photo

Add to Home Screen

In the Shortcut details page (accessed by pressing the three dots in a blue circle next to the Shortcut name), you have the option to Add to Home Screen. This will save an ‘app’ icon to your iPhone or iPad, so you can open it as you would a regular application.

Shortcut Details
Shortcut Details

Show in Widget

The Shortcut is added to the Shortcuts Widget, from where it can be run. The widget is useful as it displays your favorite widgets in the same location.

Shortcuts Widget

Show in Share Sheet

This option will add the Shortcut to the Share Sheet in apps of your choice. This is useful if you use a Shortcut to process something in a particular app, such as pasting text from Safari into an email.

The Share Sheet Types list allows you to select the apps you want to use the Shortcut with.

Run an Automation

The second tab in the Shortcuts app is called Automation. An Automation is essentially a rule by which another action (such as a Shortcut) is run.

In this example, we’ll set an Automation to run a shortcut when a wake-up alarm is stopped.

  • Tap on the Automation tab in the Shortcuts app.
  • Choose Create Personal Automation.
  • Choose the automation you want to use, in this can we’ll select Alarm.
  • Make sure Is Stopped has a check next to it and press Next.
  • Tap on Add Action.
  • In the search field, type in ‘Shortcut’, and select Run Shortcut from the results list that appears below.
  • Tap on the word Shortcut and select the one you want to run.
Shortcut Automations can be very powerful

That’s it. This Automation could be used to trigger a personalized weather report, or the morning traffic on your route to work.

Looking at a Shortcut in detail

To demonstrate the power of Shortcuts, we’ll take a look at one that’s available in the Gallery.

Running Late
  1. In the Shortcuts app, tap on the Gallery icon
  2. In the search field type ‘Running’. The ‘Running Late’ shortcut should appear on the screen
  3. Tap on the shortcut and then select ‘Add Shortcut’ from the pop-up window.
  4. You will receive notification that the shortcut has been downloaded and installed.
  5. Tap on the My Shortcuts icon at the bottom of the screen to see your download.
  6. Tap on the three small circles at the top right of the shortcut to open the edit screen.

Now you’ll see the sequence of actions configured to create the Shortcut. Each action performs a task, then passes the results of that task on to the next.

Note: You may have to approve access to various apps on your device for the shortcut to work, to do so, tap Allow Access where requested.

Calendar – Find All Calendar Events Where

The first step in this Shortcut is an action to grab upcoming events in a defined range.

Find Events

‍Tap on any of the colored words, and you’ll be presented with a list of filtering options, in this case, so you can select events that take place in a particular time frame. This Shortcut looks for events taking place on the same day.

Maps – Get Travel Time

This action will look at the location passed on from the previous step, and suggest the best route for driving, walking, or public transport, and calculate the journey time.



The default message can be entered here. This will appear in the message window when the Shortcut runs.

The last part of this message is a variable that will display the estimated amount of time before arrival.

Text Message


Messages – Send Text Message

Send Text

This action will display the message window on the screen when run.

‍Click on ‘Done’ to finish, then tap on the icon again to run it. The Shortcut will check where your next event is, calculate how long it will take to drive there, then insert the ETA into a text message, ready to send.

Note: for this example to work; you’ll need an upcoming event on the same day.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what is possible with Siri Shortcuts. Many of you will be happy to use the Shortcuts provided in the Gallery – which will only grow as more Shortcuts for more apps are added – or you may relish the idea of creating complex, multi-step actions. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve written a few more articles on creating Shortcuts to get you started.

Either way, it’s a feature that makes Siri far more powerful and far more useful.

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  1. The update feature is great, but why doesn’t it tell you any unread text messages you have? Very important! When it gives the weather it should also tell the pollen amount if there is any, as well as any warnings in the area that you may have missed as in flood warnings or tornado or storm alerts. This would be truly useful.


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