Siri Quick Start Guide

Now you’ve set up Siri on your device, and enabled ‘Hey Siri’, it’s time to have some fun and try out a few basic commands!

Make sure you also check out our dictation guide and commands for Apple Music.


Hey Siri, what time is it?
Hey Siri, what time is it in Los Angeles

Ask Siri to tell you the time in your location, or for anywhere else in the world.

Check Time


Hey Siri, set and alarm for 7am
Hey Siri, wake me up at 7am

Set as many alarms as you like without touching your iPhone. Read our guide about advanced features such as changing and deleting alarms.

Set Alarm


Hey Siri, set a timer for 15 minutes

Never burn a meal or miss a meeting again! Quickly set a timer to prompt you into action.

Find out what else Timers can do.



Hey Siri, Schedule a meeting with Jane for Friday at 9 o’clock

Add, change and remove appointments, meetings and events on the move. Read more about using Siri with the Calendar.

Schedule Meeting


Hey Siri, what's the quickest route from New York to Dallas?
Hey Siri, what's the quickest route home?

Route details are calculated and displayed using the Maps app.

Read more about using Siri with Maps.



Hey Siri, how warm is it going to be today?
Hey Siri, will I need an umbrella tomorrow?

Check on the weather forecast in your location, or for anywhere else around the world.

Read more about using Siri to forecast the weather.

Check Weather


Hey Siri, remind me to buy milk

Quickly add items to your reminders lists without the need to pick up your phone.



Hey Siri, send a text message to Dad

Dictate and send full message to anyone on your contact list or by using their phone number.

You can set up relationships to enable use of informal terms such as Dad, Sister and Boss.


Opening Apps

Hey Siri, open the Health App

It's possible to open both default iOS apps and third-party apps, simply by saying their name.

Open App

General Knowledge

Hey Siri, who is the President of France?

Access an astounding wealth of knowledge provided by Wolfram Alpha.

Ask Question

Making Calls

Hey Siri, call Jane Smith

Use a name from your contact list, or dictate a phone number to call.


Hey Siri, how do I say hello in German?

You can use Siri to translate phrases into a number of other languages, even relatively complex sentences. Read more about Siri Translate.


Apple Music

Hey Siri, play me a song from The Greatest Showman

Request a specific track to be played directly from your library, or streamed from Apple Music.

We've complied a list of some of the most popular Apple Music commands.

Apple Music

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