How Do I Get My Business Listed on Siri?

The total number of voice searches made using virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa is increasing dramatically year on year.

Currently, 50% of all searches are made by voice, with around 30% made without a screen, using popular smart speaker systems such as the HomePod and HomePod Mini.

Wearable devices such as the Apple Watch also contribute to the global surge in voice search requests.

The tight integration of Siri into all Apple products, plus convenience, accuracy, and feature improvements, means that voice search popularity will only grow in the coming years.

How does Siri search work?

When you ask Siri to find a service, for example, by saying:

Hey Siri, find me an electrician.

Hey Siri, where is my nearest gym?

The virtual assistant does the following:

  • Sends the query to Apple’s servers for translation.
  • Searches through Apple’s database of information, such as Apple Maps, and connected third-party services, such as Yelp.

So if you run a small or medium-sized business, you should ensure it appears in search results when people ask Siri to find the services you provide.

To do this, you must add your business to Apple Maps.

In addition to appearing in Siri search results, registering your business with Apple Maps means users can get directions and see your opening times from their devices.

Your business will be represented by small icons that appear in Apple Maps when following directions in maps, and using Find My to locate people and items.

Registered places appear as icons in Maps
Registered places appear as icons in Maps

How to find out if your business is already listed in Apple Maps.

To check if your business is already listed in Apple Maps:

  • Open the Maps app on your device.
  • Type the name of your business in the search box.
  • If your company appears, then your business is already registered.

If you don’t find your business listed in Apple Maps, you must manually add your business using the Places on Maps website (previously called Apple Maps Connect).

How to add a business to Apple Maps

Apple’s Places on Maps lets small companies submit and edit map listings for their business without contacting Apple directly.

To add your business to Apple Maps, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Register.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Claim your business if it is already listed.
  • Add your business details.
  • Submit and verify your listing.


You’ll need to register for the service first. Visit Apple’s Places on Maps page and sign in using your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will have to create one.

Agree to the terms and conditions

Next, you’ll be asked to review the terms of use. They are lengthy, so we recommend pressing the Send by email button to get a hard copy delivered to your inbox.

Importantly, you must ensure you own any images or other assets you provide in the registration process.

You must also agree that the information you submit may be used within Apple’s products and services, its affiliates, partners, licensees, and third-party developers.

Claim your business if it is already listed

If your business – called a ‘place’ in Apple terminology – was listed in your earlier search using Apple Maps, you can claim the business as your own.

Type in your business's details to claim it
Type in your business’s details to claim it
  1. Enter your business (place) name and address, and a list of matching words will begin to appear below the search field.
  2. Select your business from the list, then click on ‘claim’ to begin the claiming process.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your business details; this is done the same way as adding a new business, as described below.

Add a business that isn’t listed

On the Places on Maps homepage, place your cursor in the search box, then click on the Add Missing place link that appears below.

Enter your business details

Whether you’re claiming an existing business or adding a new one, you’ll now be asked for detailed information about your place.

Place on Maps will suggest categories as you type in the Categories box. You must select a predefined category. Fill in all three category options if possible. It can really help your placement in search results.

Submit and verify your listing

Once you’ve input all your information, tap Continue to submit your listing to Apple.

This triggers an automated call that provides you with a PIN for verification.

You may also receive a call from Apple if they need to verify your business information.

Final approval by Apple

Once you’ve completed the steps above, Apple needs a few days to approve your submission. Log in to Places on Maps in a week or so to see if your company information is displayed under your My places list.

How do I improve my search result ranking on Siri?

To improve your ranking in Siri search listings, it’s worth registering your business with third-party services that Apple uses to provide results.

Yelp is currently the most helpful in this regard (in the US).

Place on Maps will enhance your Apple Maps listing with photos and reviews from Yelp. Ensure your Yelp listing is optimized to include enticing descriptions and pictures. Getting as many 5-star reviews as possible will also help a great deal.

Likewise, register your business in as many popular local directories as possible.

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