How to check the weather with Siri

Everything you need to know about using Siri to check the weather both locally and worldwide.

Siri User Guide
Siri User Guide

Using Siri, you can find out what the weather is like outside when you wake up in the morning, without even looking out the window. You can also ask for the forecast for the rest of the day and week.

Using Siri to get the current weather conditions

Checking the current weather forecast is very simple.

Activate Siri on an iPhone by using one of these options:

  1. Say “Hey Siri” followed by your request.
  2. Press and hold the Side button (iPhone X and newer) or Home button (iPhone 8 and older) on your iPhone.

(If this doesn't work, learn how to set up Siri on an iPhone).

Hey Siri, how warm is it going to be today?
Siri Weather - How Warm is It
Hey Siri, is there a chance of rain tonight?
Is there a chance of rain?

To take it even further, you can ask whether you’ll need a raincoat or sunglasses, even at specific times of day:

Hey Siri, will I need an umbrella tomorrow morning?
Weather Umbrella

Ask Siri to check the weather in the week ahead

Hey Siri, is it going to be windy this week?
Weather Week Ahead

Check the weather around the world

You can check on the detailed weather forecast for any location worldwide, and you can also specify whether you want the results to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Hey Siri, how hot is it in New York in Fahrenheit?
How Hot is New York

Ask Siri for sunset and sunrise times

Hey Siri, what time is sunset tonight?
Hey Siri, what time is sunset in Sydney, Australia tonight?
Sunset and Sunrise

As you can see, Siri can understand informal questions about the weather and give accurate answers. Usually offering a casual opinion of its own.

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