Siri Provides 2020 U.S. Election Coverage

Siri is now able to answer questions about the U.S. elections, and deliver live results as votes are counted.

Siri Provides 2020 U.S. Election Coverage

Siri can now answer questions about the upcoming U.S. 2020 Elections, providing information such as who is winning in the primaries or voting results for an individual candidate in a specific caucus. Such as:

Siri, who is winning the California primaries?


Siri, when are the New Hampshire primaries?

Results are slickly presented on screen as well as being read out by Siri.

The results Siri displays links to the Apple News app, which provides further details and in-depth analysis of the election and its candidates.

It appears that election coverage via Siri is being rolled out gradually, so keep trying if it isn’t currently working.