Siri in iOS 12 – All You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about updates and improvements to Siri in iOS 12.

Siri in iOS 12 – All You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about updates and improvements to Siri in iOS 12.

New Shortcuts app

The new Shortcuts app —developed from an existing app called Workflow that Apple acquired in March 2017—allows users to chain together a set of instructions and create custom “shortcuts.”

Once a shortcut is saved, it can be triggered by a voice command using Siri. This means tasks that would have previously involved multiple steps can be requested and completed in moments.

In theory, you can create a shortcut that starts heating the water at home, gives directions to get home from your current location, and then sends a message to your family saying you’re on your way.

iOS 12 Shortcuts app
iOS 12 Shortcuts app

Are you going on a trip? Create a shortcut that checks the weather and traffic, suggesting the best route to take.

Developers will be able to create “actions” within their apps that can be used in Shortcuts.

On release, hundreds of shortcuts will be available for download from a gallery inside the app.

Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions learn your routines with continued use, so over time, you’ll be notified of suggested shortcuts tailored just for you.

If you’re running late for an event, Siri will suggest you send a text saying you will be late. When watching a movie, Siri will suggest turning your phone on Do Not Disturb.

iOS 12 Siri Suggestions
iOS 12 Siri Suggestions

Food knowledge

Food knowledge will enable you to ask Siri questions about food, including calories, vitamins, and how healthy a food is overall. For example, ask, “How much fat is in whole milk?” or “How healthy are peanuts?”

It’s unclear at this point if this feature will work outside the US, as it taps into the USDA database to search for information.


Already a handy tool, Siri translate is due to receive a significant update in iOS 12, with many new languages included, with support for over 40 language pairs.

Other Features

  • Get live motorsport rankings, schedules, rosters, and stats.
  • You’ll be able to check facts about celebrities, such as “What is George RR Martin’s latest novel?” or “How old is Jennifer Lawrence?”
  • Use Siri to quickly pull up photos and memories based on people, places, events, time, and keywords of objects and scenes in the images.
  • Siri can help you search for any password.