How to send a Text Message using Siri

Sending a text message to a single contact or multiple recipients is quick and simple, making it possible to have a conversation with someone via text message. Siri can both send messages and read them out to you.

Sending a Message

To send an SMS or iMessage, activate Siri by pressing the home button (side button on the iPhone X), or by saying ‘Hey Siri’ if you have the feature activated.

Hey Siri, send a text message to Jane

Siri will then prompt you to dictate your message.

Send Text

You can also include the message and recipient in the same phrase:

Hey Siri, text Jane I’m running 10 minutes late

Send Text Message

Once you’ve finished dictating, Siri will then confirm the message back to you and ask what you’d like to do next:

  • Send it
  • Cancel it
  • Review it
  • Change it

Speak the option of your choice. Once the message is completed, Siri will ask you if you want to send it. To deliver the message say ‘Yes’.

Reading Messages

Siri can also be used to read out the messages you receive.

Hey Siri, read my last text message
Hey Siri, read me new text messages from Jane

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