How To Turn Off Siri

As much as we love Siri, it's not for everyone. Here is how you can turn Siri off on your iPhone and on macOS.

It's worth remembering that once you turn Siri off, you won't be able to use voice dialling, or voice control, including being able to dictate.

How to Turn Siri Off on iOS 13, iOS12 and iOS11

To disable Siri on an iOS device:

  • Go to Settings > Siri & Search
  • Turn off Listen for "Hey Siri".
  • Turn off Press Side Button for Siri
  • Confirm when prompted to Turn Off Siri.

Turn of Siri Suggestions

Siri anonymously monitors your behaviour so that it can offer up useful suggestions for websites and in apps when performing searches. If you no longer wish to use Siri Suggestions:

  • Go to Settings > Siri & Search
  • Turn off Suggestions in Search
  • Turn off Suggestions in Look Up
  • Turn off Suggestions on Lock Screen

Once you've done this, you can clear all of your information from Apple's servers as described in this article.

Disable Dictation on iOS

It's worth disabling Dictation on your iOS device as well since it won't work anymore. This is also necessary if you wish to remove all of your voice data from Apple's servers.

  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.
  • Scroll down and turn off Enable Dictation.
  • Press Turn Off Dictation to confirm.

How to Turn Off Siri on macOS

Deactivating Siri on a Mac is also reasonably straightforward.

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Uncheck the Enable Ask Siri checkbox.
Turn off Siri on macOS

How to Disable Dictation Features on macOS

Like Siri on iOS, disabling Siri on macOS doesn't automatically remove all of your voice data from Apple's servers. For that, you have to turn off Dictation.

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Choose Keyboard.
  • Select the Dictation tab to turn the feature off.

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