How to use Siri with Notes

Everything you need to know about using Siri to dictate, find, update and remove Notes.

Creating Notes

Siri can make the process of entering a note into your iPhone or iPad much quicker.

Hey Siri, create a note
Hey Siri, create a note called Vacation

Siri will ask you what you want the note to say, at this point you can start dictating the text. Once finished, you will be prompted to confirm your entry.

PIN Number Note

For shorter notes, speak the note text at the same time as creating the note:

Hey Siri, note that my PIN number is 0202

This will create a note containing the information you dictated.

Pin Number Note

Finding Notes

There is a variety of phrases you can use to find notes:

Hey Siri, show me my notes
Hey Siri, show me my notes from tomorrow/today/next week
Hey Siri, show me my notes from the 4th July
Hey Siri, show me notes about my important project
Hey Siri, find notes about music

A list of matching notes will be displayed on screen, tap on the one you wish to read.

Updating Notes

To edit an existing note, say:

Hey Siri, update my last note
Hey Siri, update note
Hey Siri, update my pin number note
Update a Note

Deleting Notes

It’s currently not possible to delete notes using Siri. To remove a note, open the Notes app, tap the Delete icon or swipe left over the note in the Notes list, then tap Delete.

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