Use Siri to Control Apple Music

The release of Apple Music has brought with it a few more features you can control easily with Siri. Allowing you to explore music in an entirely new way. 

It's worth checking out our full list of Apple Music Commands.

Play,  Skip, Shuffle or Dismiss Specific Tracks

As with the previous music app, you can ask Siri to play a specific track or album.

Play *Song Name*

..and you can be more specific.

Play *Song Name* by Artist

You can be even more choosy and ask Siri to play only music from a specific artist, playlist or genre.

Play music from my *Classical* playlist

You can also play music by referencing time.

Play *Artists* first album


Play *Artists* last album

You can ask Siri to play you chart-topping songs from a given year and it will serve up a selection of tracks from the year you specify.

Play the top songs from *1985*

Likewise, you can skip over a song if you wish.

Skip this track

If your equivalent of musical torture should start playing, you can get quite stroppy if you feel like it.

Don't play this track again

If you say:

Play more like this

Siri will add up to 50 similar songs for playback. If you hear a song you like and want to find out who the singer is say:

Who sings this?

Like and Buy Music

If you enjoy a song you can 'like' it.

Like this song

This will add the song and similar tracks to the 'For You' section of Apple Music. Of course, if you really like a song you can buy a digital copy, so it's yours forever.

Buy this song
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