How to get Siri to play Spotify

Siri now supports playing music from third-party services. So now you can easily listen to your favorite songs and podcasts from Spotify.

Siri User Guide
Siri User Guide

Recent updates to iOS allow Siri to interact with third-party apps. This includes Spotify, Apple Music’s closest rival. You can now ask Siri to play Spotify songs, playlists, and podcasts using voice commands.

Siri’s Spotify control is also available for iPad, AirPods, CarPlay, and HomePod via AirPlay.

Apple Music is still the default music application, but now users can open a song in Spotify by saying:

Hey Siri, play song name on Spotify
Hey Siri, play playlist on Spotify
Hey Siri, play album on Spotify

Important: Make sure you end each command with ‘on Spotify’ so Siri knows which service to access. For example:

Hey, Siri, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify
Play in Spotify

Activating Siri to work with Spotify

When you first ask Siri to use Spotify, it will prompt you for permission to access your data. Say “Yes” or tap on the screen.

Spotify Access Data

If you prefer to switch off access or enable the feature manually, go to Settings > Siri & Search, and scroll down through your apps until you see Spotify.

Tap on Spotify and toggle the Use with Ask Siri switch, so it is set to green.

Use with Ask Siri

Siri can play songs, artists, albums, playlists, podcasts, and much more.

You can also Like music, ask what’s currently playing, and control your media settings in the same way as Apple Music.

Learn more about Siri music commands using our comprehensive guide.

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