How to use the ‘Find My’ App with Siri

The original Find My Friends app has become indispensable for many iPhone users over recent years.

It allowed us to find friends, parents to keep track of their kids, kids to keep track of their parents, and provided a convenient plot device for many TV drama writers.

As of iOS13, Apple has given Find My Friends a new name, a makeover, and more things to do.

It’s now called Find My, sports a new GPS icon and enables tracking of other iDevices we own and are connected to our iCloud account.

Apple has essentially merged the old ‘Find my Phone’ app with ‘Find my Friends’. Always wanting to keep things simple, they’ve chopped off the last word from each name.

So how does it work? The friend locating part of the application works pretty much as it did before. You can open it up and check where your contacts (who’ve given you their permission) are.

Or you can ask Siri.

Hey Siri, where is John

Hey Siri, where is my sister?

Hey Siri, is my Mom and work?

Use Siri to Find Your Devices

The new features are apparent when you ask Siri to find one of your devices.

Hey Siri, where is my iPad?

Ask Siri where one of your devices is, and if it’s located (internet connection required), then Siri will ask you* if you want the device to make a sound so you can find it.

*We’ve found this slightly unpredictable, sometimes Siri will ask if we want to ‘ping’ our device, sometimes it just sends the ping automatically.

Say ‘Yes’, and your iPhone/iPad will make a sound so you can track it down. The alarm can be silenced by opening up the device and responding to the dialogue box.

At the same time, you’ll receive an email informing you of the sound played on the device. The email includes a link to the iCloud website, where you can perform additional actions, such as setting the device as ‘lost’ or erasing it entirely.

Find My Email

There have recently been rumors of Apple releasing their own ‘Tile’ like accessories, that will help users keep track of their belongings. If it comes to fruition, it’ll surely make the Find My app even more useful.

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