Siri Apple Music Commands

Make sure you get all that you can out of using Siri with Apple music on your iPhone iPad and Apple TV, with this guide to the most popular and useful commands.

Playback Commands

Here are some basic commands to use when getting started with using Siri to control Apple Music.

Play some music
Next song
Previous song
Pause this song
Repeat this song
Play this song from the beginning

Specific Requests

Use Siri to ask for a particular song, album or artist, as well as edit playlists and make more general requests, like years and moods.

Play [title] by [artist]
Play the newest song by [artist]
Listen to [artist]
Play something new
Add this to my [name] playlist
Play the [film] soundtrack
What is the newest album by [artist]?
Play something [mood]
Play top 10 songs from [year]
Play top 10 songs from [artist]
Shuffle my [name] playlist
Play the number one song right now
Sing me a song
Play a live version of this song


Ask for further details on a song that's playing

Who's the drummer in this?
When was this song released?
When was this recorded?
What was the top song on [date]?
What was the top song in [year]?
Who sings this?
What’s this song?

Give your Opinions

You can tell Siri which songs you like, and which ones you never want to hear again! As well as rate music you enjoy, so you can playback your highest rated tracks another time.

Like this song
Never play this song again
Rate this song five stars

Shazam Integration

Apple recently bought Shazam, and app which can recognize music, TV shows, movies and more based on a snippet of sound. When you can hear music playing out in a bar or club, and want to know what it is, say:

'What song is this?' or 'What's this song?' 

Siri will reply 'Let me listen' and will most likely take a few seconds to recognize the song. 

Once it does, Siri will respond by saying something like 'I can name that tune.' and will  speak both the title and artist as well as a song cover and 'buy' link to the iTunes store.

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