How to Set a Timer in Siri

The iOS timer is a simple feature, but when coupled with Siri can become far more useful.

For example, you've spent the last couple of hours preparing am awesome feast for your friends and realise it's time to get cleaned up and ready to be the dutiful host/hostess. 

So you set the oven alarm to let you know when you need to add some vital ingredients. 

Great, but when you're getting ready on the other side of the house you won't be able to hear the alarm. As it's not entirely practical ta take an oven into the shower with you, it's up to Siri to ride to the rescue again.

Activate Siri by holding down the home button (side button on the iPhone X) or saying 'Hey Siri', if you've already set the feature up.

Siri timer
Hey Siri, start a timer for 15 minutes
Hey Siri, set the timer for 25 minutes

Voila! Siri will alert you once the time you specified has passed.

You can also interact with Siri once the timer is already running.

Pause the timer
Check the timer
Stop the timer
Resume the timer

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