Use Siri to add Multiple Reminders at Once in iOS 13

Reminders has always been a useful - if functionally minimal - little app for quickly adding items to a shopping list, or setting up quick prompts to do something when arriving at a specific location or at a certain time.

With iOS 13 though, the app has undergone a significant upgrade, with many substantial new features, bringing it in line with rival third party apps. It could be thought of as ‘Reminders Pro’.

Before now, one drawback has been the need to add a list of several reminders using Siri separately. While hardly a huge inconvenience, it has made creating longer lists more convoluted that it needed to be, such as ‘Hey Siri, add milk to my shopping list, Hey Siri, add bread to my shopping list’.

Thankfully, iOS 13 remedies this, with the added ability to add multiple reminders at the same time.

Hey Siri, add milk, bread, coffee, bananas and beer to my shopping list
Multiple Reminders

Siri’s AI will realise you are trying to add a longer list of items and create them accordingly.

It’s worth noting, you need to speak clearly, and with a slight pause between items, or Siri will group them into one reminder.

Also, if you attach time and location data to your items, they will be grouped into one reminder as before.

Hey Siri, remind me to get milk, bread, coffee, bananas and beer at 1.00pm
Reminders with time

Hopefully this feature will be improved in a future update.

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