Using Reminders with Siri

Reminders in iOS and macOS are at their simplest, checklists. They make it very easy to put together a shopping list, or a checklist for important events such as moving home or packing for a holiday.

Manually entering reminders using the keyboard on your iPhone, then assigned dates and times can be a tiresome and fiddly process, so using Siri to manage your reminders instead adds a whole new level of convenience.

As always, Siri can be activated by pressing the home button (or side button on the iPhone X) or saying ‘Hey Siri’.

Create a Reminder List

If you plan on keeping your reminders organized, it’s worth creating separate lists - such as for work and home.

Hey Siri, create a new list

Siri will prompt you to say the list name.

Create List

Alternatively, you can create and name the list in one phrase. In this example, we’ve used ‘Shopping List’.

Hey Siri, create a shopping list
Create Shopping List

Once you’ve confirmed the name by saying 'yes' or pressing the button, you can either edit the list title or press the home button to return to Reminders.

Adding Reminders

Your new list is now created and you can easily add items to it to Siri using natural language:

Add a Reminder
Remind Me

Siri will ask you for further details of the reminder you want to create.

Bread and Milk
Bread and Milk

If you want to change the reminder you can say:

Change the title to...
Change the time to...

Rather than taking several steps to create a reminder, you can give Siri all of the information it needs in one phrase:

Remind me to buy coffee in two hours
Remind me to call Jane at 2pm
Remind me to wish John Happy Birthday on the 5th August
Remind me to book my vacation in 2 weeks
Buy Coffee

Siri will ask you to confirm the new item. Just say Yes, and Siri will append it to your list.

To add a new reminder to a specific list, say:

Hey Siri, add coffee to my Shopping list

Reminders are also location aware. If you have ‘home’ and ‘work’ defined in your contact card, you can say

Remind me to check my reports when I get to work
Next time I leave home remind me to get petrol

You can specify a location name such as a Supermarket if it exists in the Siri database:

Remind me to buy coffee when I arrive at Whole Foods

Deleting Lists and Reminders

To remove a reminder, say:

Hey Siri, remove my coffee reminder
Hey Siri, cancel my coffee reminder
Delete Reminder

It’s currently not possible to delete a list using Siri, if you ask it to, you’ll be prompted to open the Reminders app and remove it manually.

Delete List

As you can see, Reminders is a very useful tool for keeping your life organized.

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