How to Use Siri on iPhone X, XR, XS, 11 and iPad

When looking to trigger Siri for the first time on your iPhone, you may notice is that the virtual assistant does't have an app icon. So now that you’ve been through the process of setting up Siri, how do you start to use it on your iPhone?

How do I turn on Siri on my iPhone or iPad?

There are three ways you can activate Siri:

  • Pressing and holding the Side button.
  • Saying Hey Siri.
  • Using a Bluetooth headset, such as AirPods.

Pressing the Side Button

The Side button is located on the right hand edge of your iPhone.

Side Button
  1. Press and hold the Side button on your iPhone to open Siri.
  2. You will hear two quick beeps/vibrations to tell you that Siri has woken up and is waiting for you to say something.
  3. Once Siri has opened, ask a question or ask Siri to perform a task such as emailing or texting. Siri will automatically detect when you have stopped speaking, but you can optionally press the microphone icon to show you have finished your question or request.

Saying 'Hey Siri'

In iOS8 and higher, you can enable hands-free mode.

Open your iPhone settings select Siri & Search. Check that the switch for Listen for 'Hey Siri' is turned on. If it isn't, follow our guide on how to enable the feature.

You can now activate Siri without the need to press the home button by saying:

'Hey Siri...'

'Hey, Siri' works in any situation, even if the screen is locked or if an application is open and running. You can change this in your security settings.

Once Siri is activated you can speak naturally, and do not need to pause after saying 'Hey, Siri'.

Hey Siri, how warm is it going to be today?
Hey Siri, send an email to my Dad
Hey Siri, where is the nearest park?

Note: For 'Hey Siri' to work, your device will need to be plugged in if it is an iPhone 6 or iPad 5th generation or lower.

Use AirPods to Activate Siri

For a headset that uses a remote or another type of Bluetooth device, hold down the center button or call button until you hear a chime. Then talk to Siri.

If you are using AirPods, you'll need to double-tap the outside of either one to talk to Siri.

Check out our quick start guide, which features a list of the most popular Siri commands for beginners.

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