How to Use ‘Type to Siri’ on your Mac

In recent macOS updates, Apple has introduced a few improvements to Siri for desktops and laptops. One of these is Type to Siri – which allows you to trigger the virtual assistant by using a keyboard shortcut and typing in your query.

The feature needs to be activated in macOS before use.

Activate Type to Siri

  • Open System Preferences and navigate to Accessibility.
  • Check Enable Type to Siri.
Type to Siri

Set your keyboard shortcut

Click on the Open Siri Preferences button at the bottom of the system preferences window.

The Siri preferences pane will open up, select your preferred shortcut from the Keyboard Shortcut dropdown menu. Choose customize if you want to pick your own.

Type to Siri Shortcut

On Mac computers with a touch bar, the Siri icon will trigger Type to Siri instead of using spoken commands.

Siri Touchbar

How to use Type to Siri

  • Trigger Siri by using the keyboard shortcut.
  • Type your query into the pop-up window, and Siri will process your request.

Using Siri on macOS, you can also trigger system commands, such as increasing volume, opening applications, checking the weather, and asking more general questions.

Increase Volume
Type to Siri Christmas
Type to Siri Weather

Disable voice feedback

It’s worth noting that even though you are using your keyboard to communicate with Siri, results are spoken back to you as well as being displayed on the screen.

So it’s advisable to turn the volume down in public places or when you don’t want your results to be heard. Or disable voice feedback in Siri preferences.

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