How to Set, Edit and Delete Alarms using Siri

Using Siri on your iPhone or iPad to set, edit or delete alarms is a much faster and easier process than poking, prodding and navigating around an iPhone touchscreen, possibly while you’re in a bleary eyed state before bed.

At its most basic (and assuming your device is nearby, an alarm would be pretty useless otherwise), you can climb into bed and ask to be woken up at a certain time:

Hey Siri, Wake me at 7 in the morning
Set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am
Alarm at 7am

Siri is intelligent enough to understand natural speech and phrases, so you don’t have to be specific with times and dates, it will know when ‘tomorrow’ or ‘two hours time’ is.

Wake me in an hour

Once you’ve made your request Siri will then confirm the time you wish to be woken and set the alarm for you.

Alarm in an Hour

Slightly more complex alarms can be set too:

Wake me up every Monday at 9am
Set an alarm for 8.45am that repeats every Saturday
Alarm Every Monday

It should be noted that alarms can only be set for up to one day in the future. If you try specify a date outside that range, Siri will offer to create a reminder for you instead.

Naming Alarms

It can help to give context to an alarm.

Set a Work alarm
Set my alarm for 7pm to watch Stranger Things
Set an alarm to take check the cake in 45 minutes
Set my alarm for 9am every day to call my Dad
Alarm Stranger Things

Reading Alarms

You can ask Siri to read out specific alarms, or all alarms you have set, including its on/off status.

What alarms do I have set?
Read my alarms
Read my 2pm alarm
Read my Work alarm
Show all alarms

Editing Alarms

You can enable and disable existing alarms:

Turn on my 7am alarm
Turn off my 7am alarm
Enable all alarms
Disable all alarms

To change the time of an existing alarm:

Change my 7am alarm to 7.30am

Alternatively, if you’ve named an alarm:

Change my watch Stranger Things alarm to 8pm tomorrow

Snoozing and Stopping Alarms

If you want to stay in bed a little longer (9 minutes to be precise), then say:

Hey Siri, Snooze

To silence an alarm completely:

Hey Siri, Stop

Deleting Alarms

Whenever you ask Siri to ‘Set an alarm’ or ‘wake me’ it actually creates a brand new alarm each time. If you tend to add alarms on an ad hoc basis this can result in a very long list of alarms clogging up your app.

In this instance you can remedy the issue by wiping all alarms from your device:

Delete all Alarms

While being able to use Siri to set alarms isn’t exactly touted as a headline feature in iOS, it can certainly be one of the most useful.

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