How to set, edit and delete alarms using Siri

Everything you need to know about using "Hey Siri" on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to set, edit, view, snooze or delete alarms.

Siri User Guide
Siri User Guide

Using Siri on your iPhone or iPad to set, edit or delete alarms is a much faster and easier process than poking, prodding, and navigating around an iPhone touchscreen, last thing at night.

Siri can be activated on an Apple Watch in three ways.

  • By pressing and holding the Digital Crown.
  • By saying “Hey Siri” then speaking your request.
  • By using the Raise to Speak feature.

If you haven’t used Siri on the Apple Watch yet, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to use each of these methods.

Just climb into bed and ask to be woken up at a specific time.

Hey Siri, set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am
Hey Siri, wake me at 7 in the morning
Alarms - Set 7am Alarm

Siri is intelligent enough to understand natural speech and phrases, so you don’t have to be specific with times and dates; it will know when ‘tomorrow’ or ‘two hours’ is.

Hey Siri, wake me in an hour

Once you’ve made your request, Siri will then confirm the time you wish to be woken and set the alarm for you.

Alarms - Wake me in an hour

Slightly more complex alarms can also be set:

Hey Siri, set an alarm for 8.45am that repeats every Saturday
Hey Siri, wake me up every Monday at 9am
Set Alarm Every Monday

Note: You cannot set the alarm for more than one day in the future. If you try to specify a date outside of that range, Siri will offer to create a reminder for you instead.

How to name an alarm with Siri

It can help to give context to an alarm:

Hey Siri, set a work alarm
Hey Siri, set my alarm for 9am every day to call my Dad
Hey Siri, set my alarm for 7pm to watch Succession
Name Alarm

Ask Siri to read out alarms

You can ask Siri to read out specific alarms or all alarms you have set, including their on/off status.

Hey Siri, read my alarms
Hey Siri, show all alarms
Hey Siri, read my 2pm alarm
Hey Siri, read my work alarm

How to edit an existing alarm

You can enable and disable existing alarms:

Hey Siri, turn on/off my 7am alarm
Hey Siri, enable/disable all alarms

To change the time of an existing alarm:

Hey Siri, change my 7am alarm to 7.30am

Alternatively, if you’ve named an alarm:

Hey Siri, change my watch Succession alarm to 8pm
Change Alarm

Snoozing and stopping alarms

If you want to stay in bed a little longer (9 minutes to be precise), then say:

Hey Siri, snooze

To silence an alarm completely:

Hey Siri, stop

Deleting alarms

Whenever you ask Siri to ‘Set an alarm’ or ‘wake me’, it actually creates a brand new alarm each time. If you add alarms on an ad hoc basis, this can result in a very long list of alarms clogging up your app.

In this instance, you can remedy the issue by wiping all alarms from your device:

Hey Siri, delete all alarms
You can also delete alarms by name
Hey Siri, delete the Succession alarm

While using Siri to set alarms isn’t touted as a headline feature in iOS, it is one of the most useful.

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