Use Siri in Handsfree Mode with ‘Hey Siri’

You can ask questions, set alarms, send emails, call friends - in fact pretty much everything Siri can do - just by saying the phrase ‘Hey Siri’ when your device is within listening distance.

Hey Siri

Enabling Hey Siri is easy and the procedure is exactly the same for both the iPhone and the iPad.

  • Open Settings in your iPhone or iPad.
  • Navigate to Siri & Search
  • Toggle on the switch next to 'Listen for ‘Hey Siri’.

Your device will now take you through a short sequence of requests, where it asks you to repeat ‘Hey Siri’ several times and then a couple of short phrases.

This is so it can recognize your voice, and prevent strangers from accessing your phone using the same command.

Setting up Hey Siri

Once the setup process is complete, you’ll now be able to trigger Siri with the ‘Hey Siri’ voice command, and without the need to press the side (or home on older iPhone models) button.

Hey Siri

You can speak naturally, and do not need to pause after saying ‘Hey, Siri’.

Hey Siri, how warm is it going to be today?
Hey Siri, send an email to my Dad
Hey Siri, where is the nearest park?


‘Hey, Siri’ works in any situation, even if the screen is locked or if an application is open and running. You can change this in your security settings.


For ‘Hey Siri’ to work, the iPhone 6 and lower, and the iPad 5th generation and lower need to be plugged in.

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